The Cradle the Cross the Crown

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The Cradle the Cross the Crown (#1760) download
The Cradle the Cross the Crown (#1760) download

Arranger: Cody McVey
Artist: Rock Springs Baptist Church
Release Date: 2018
Style: Worship Choir
Writer: Various

Christmas, Easter, and the Second coming of Christ are three of the biggest seasons and topics in a given church year, and finding great music to address them is paramount.  In his debut work with Prism Music, The Cradle, The Cross, The Crown, arranger and orchestrator Cody McVey has created a masterful inspirational collection to meet those needs.  Focusing on songs that celebrate the entire life of Christ and His promised return, this collection could be performed in its entirety as a seasonal celebration or as multiple seasonal collections of the songs chosen for the specific seasons of Christmas and Easter.  Spanning multiple genres, this collection contains songs ranging from up-tempo Southern Gospel, congregational friendly modern worship, and dramatically arranged ballads that will inspire both congregants and musicians alike.  Featuring songs written by some of today’s most prolific songwriters like Rodney Griffin, Rebecca Peck, Joseph Habedank, Jeff Bumgardner, and others, you’ll find opportunities not only to feature your choir, but also small groups, trios, and soloists.

Not only will The Cradle, The Cross, The Crown work for your seasonal needs, you will also find that many of these songs transfer perfectly into non-seasonal anthems to be used again and again throughout the year.

Listen and Look

Shepherd, Savior, King Look Listen
Talkin' About Jesus Look Listen
How Do You Welcome a King Look Listen
If Hope Had Never Come Look Listen
Here He Comes Look Listen
Put Out the Fire Look Listen
Calvary Covered It All Look Listen
Mercy Tree Look Listen
I'll Never Know (But Forever I'll Believe) Look Listen
King Forever Look Listen
We Shall See Jesus Look Listen


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