How Excellent (download)

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How Excellent
How Excellent

You Light The World
You Light The World

And We Are Glad (#14801)
And We Are Glad (#14801)

Arranger: Bradley Knight
Artist: University of Mobile Center for Performing Arts
Release Date: 2015
Style: Worship Choir
Writer: Various

This project is the first in the Fisher- Brewer Worship Institute series. This series is based in collaboration with Christian Universities as we work to forge bonds with the next generation of worship leaders to demonstrate the power of choral and orchestral worship. How Excellent is performed by the University of Mobile Center for Performing Arts, under the direction of Dr. Roger Breland.

Bradley Knight keeps forging ahead with spirit filled songs and arrangements to match.  Glory features the UM RamCorp drum line, and can be replicated by many churches if collaborating with a local high school or university music program to create a dramatic moment in any service. God Is On Our Side is an incredible song of hope and encouragement that is sure to win. The power and majesty of the title song How Excellent so lovely demonstrates the concept of CHORAL WORSHIP.  Take special note that two of the songs are written by students at UM.  Both My Savior, My King and Song of Grace represent the next generation of song writers and worship leaders coming out of this fine school of music.

The future is bright if we will rise to embrace it, as is wonderfully represented in this timeless and powerful project.

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Glory Look Listen
My Savior, My King Look Listen
No Other Name Look Listen
How Excellent Look Listen
Song of Grace Look Listen
Jesus, We Love You Look Listen
Made Alive Look Listen
Just A Little Talk With Jesus Look Listen
God Is On Your Side Look Listen
We Will Not Be Shaken Look Listen


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Demonstration Recording (uncased CD) $5.00


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Choral Parts Permission (1 per choir member) $9.00
Demonstration Recording (1 per choir member) $5.00
SATB Practice Tracks (1 per choir member, minimum 4) $5.00
Accompaniment Split Track $80.00
Orchestration $360.00
Custom Tracks - Instrumental Audio Stems $200.00

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