Thou Oh Lord (#050012)

Arranger: Bradley Knight
Artist: The Prestonwood Choir
Release Date: 2005
Style: Worship Choir
Writer: Lisa Ireland

Following the incredible offering by the Prestonwood Choir, "You Are Holy," comes the powerful new collection, "God Is Here." Twelve songs are included, featuring 4 arrangements designed for congregational singing, and 8 arrangements for choir, orchestra and soloists. Bradley Knight has once again created singable, yet sometimes challenging choral parts that will energize the choir, and extremely playable, full orchestrations. This collection is already destined to be one of Prism's best sellers. Take an hour to sit down and listen to the dynamic praise and worship attitudes found in these songs. Your choir and congregation will be just as blessed as you are as you listen.

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Item Price Quantity
Choir Part Permission (1 per user) $2.00
Demonstration Recording (1 per user) $1.00
SATB Practice Tracks (1 per user - Minimum 4) $1.00
Accompaniment Split Track $25.00
Orchestration $50.00
Custom Tracks - Instrumental Audio Stems $20.00

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