Hymns for Cutting Edge Worship

Not your grandmother's hymn arrangements!
Arranger: Knight

However, thoughtful consideration has been given to leave the melodies unaltered and the key signatures are very singable for corporate worship. Bands will love the challenge and fun to be had in presenting these GREAT hymn charts. The perfect platform in which to present beloved songs of the church to mature congregations while engaging younger worshippers with a cutting edge rhythm driven arrangement. They are playable by rhythm bands, but are fully orchestrated for larger instrumental groups. The vocals can be presented by a small worship team or by a choir of infinite size. Packaged in a multi-disc, everything you need, boxed set. There are no books to buy. It is an "all for one price" packaged set. Make as many copies as needed of any included materials to accomodate your ministry. Hymns for Cutting Edge Worship are available in two different packages. The STANDARD SET accomodates ministries that utilize prerecorded tracks. The EXPANDED SET would be appropriate for live instrumental worship environments.

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